Dog Behaviour and Training

Do you have a new pup or a dog that needs some training, perhaps a behaviour problem you’d like help with – there is no quick fix just commitment from you to ensure that you can work with the tools I provide to develop a rewarding and trusting relationship with your dog built on respect and trust. Puppy/Dog Life Skill classes run weekly in Llandovery.I am very keen to ensure that every owner and dog has the opportunity to build and develop a balanced and stable relationship so that a great friendship can be built upon and maintained.

Training classes or one on one tuition is aimed at developing a well behaved dog and giving the owner the opportunity to improve the dog/owner relationship and communication.
One on one tuition – to meet your individual needs – with the aim of treating the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.
Group Classes for pups or older dogs are held in Llandovery – please contact us for further information.

Full Member of The Association of INTO Dogs


  Certificate in Canine Behaviour and Psychology (Distinction).

  Certificate in Cynology (Distinction).

  Canine Practitioner – Diploma in Canine Behaviour International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour

   Attended seminars/conferences by APBC in Canine Aggression, How hormones and pheromones influence behaviour in dogs and cats, Children and Dogs, Predatory Chase in dogs. 15 month course Canine Communication, training and dog behaviour (IDBTS)

  Attended seminars/conferences with Dr Ian Dunbar, Sheila Harper, Talking Dogs, Barbara Sykes.

  Emotional Healing for Dogs Bach Flower Remedies and Foundation in Canine Healthcare.