Full grooming facilities

   Clipping, bath and dry only (if required)

   Tidy up

   Nails clipped

   Ears cleaned

I ensure all dogs receive the utmost care and attention at all times during their visit, making them feel as comfortable as possible in a calm and friendly environment. All breeds are catered for, with the grooming being tailored to meet the owners requirements.
Products used are of a high quality but I am happy to use a specific product if provided by the owner or if there are specific requirements prescribed by your vet.
If you have a puppy who in time will require grooming please contact me to arrange “familiarisation visits” to allow your young dog the opportunity to get used to the environment and experience a fun and positive time to help reduce any stress.

For Llandovery and the surrounding area a pick-up/drop off service is provided where your dog will be transported in a safe and secure fitted dog crate. Outside of the local area a pick up/drop off service can be offered using our dedicated pet transport for an additional fee.  Please contact us for rates.